[intro]The Agency for Modernisation had on Wednesday November 19th invited a large group of state institutions and future users of the Indfak2 solution to an information meeting at the Agency’s premises.[/intro]
At the meeting the participating institutions received general information about the current implementation process and the participants had the opportunity to see the new IndFak solution presented live.

The interest for the information meeting was huge – in fact so huge that the event had to be split up for a session in Copenhagen and a corresponding session at a later stage in Jutland. More than 170 attendees from a number of ministries and agencies attended the event.

The meeting was divided into three parts – a general introduction to the project and the ongoing implementation process, a presentation of the solution and the entire process from purchase to pay, and finally a session splitting the participants into smaller groups where everyone had the opportunity for a deeper examination of the solution and to get answers to any questions.

There was great commitment at the meeting and the response from the participants was extremely positive.

We are very pleased to welcome all the new users to the Indfak2 solution during 2015.