[intro]The new solution of the Danish State for e-procurement and electronic invoice handling has gone into production. The invoice handling is in full operation and the first orders are sent.[/intro]

The “IndFak2” solution which are delivered by Miracle, Tricom (procurement) and Ibistic (invoices) went into production in the beginning of October for a group of chosen institutions.

The following government agencies and institutions are now live with “Indfak2”:

  • Moderniseringsstyrelsen
  • Sundhedsministeriets departement
  • Sundhedsstyrelsen
  • Roskilde Universitetscenter (RUC)
  • Roskilde Katedralskole (Gymnasiefællesskabet)
  • Videnskabsministeriets Departement
  • Styrelsen for Forskning og Innovation
  • Statens IT
  • Digitaliseringsstyrelsen
  • Beskæftigelsesministeriets Departement
  • Arbejdstilsynet

Read more about the “IndFak2” project at the website of Moderniseringsstyrelsen
(in Danish).