Invoice module

  • The invoice module from Tricom which elegantly ties procurement, match and invoice management together.
  • In the invoice module, documents can be posted, sent in approval flow and held against electronic purchase orders.
  • There is a full, searchable invoice archive of all invoices received.
  • It all takes place in an integrated user interface with the rest of the solution, where the users easily can ensure about the goods receipt of completed, the prices match the entered agreements and follow where documents in the organization are.
  • The module supports standard setup with invoice managers who can distribute documents, dispensers who can approve on the basis of different procurement limits, and advanced workflows when, for example, multiple dispensers are required to approve a payment.
  • The solution supports posting templates, suggestions for previous postings on similar purchases and an advanced search engine for finding both active and historical documents. All actions are subject to audit requirements, so that all actions are logged and traceable to individual users at the same time as GDPR is complied with by masking personal sensitive information.