Unleash the TIGER

The countdown has begun and there are only few days until the new Responsive Web version of Tricommerce (codename TIGER) is ‘unleashed’ into production.

This is the first delivery in a series of 6 deliveries, which changes the way Tricommerce functions. We expect to launch new versions of the following areas over the next 14 months.

  • Login, Navigation, Dashboard & UI design.
  • Procurement
  • Reports
  • Contract and agreement control
  • Administration
  • New supplier portal


We are really looking forward to showing the world what we have been working on. This is a major release for us, which has been subject to many hours of testing, design, specification, UI/UX-work, development, more testing, more design and maturation.

The first release of TIGER will among others include:

  • Redesign and implementation of login, “remember me” and forgot password
  • Super fast switch of application, user and organisation
  • New security model and user management
  • Brand new navigation with division into modules and activity menus
  • New application model, where we split Tricommerce in a number of application areas targeting use case scenarios
  • New service approach where each application has its own release cycle and can be upgraded individually
  • New dashboard model where the user can configure their own dashboards and widgets (yes, you can have multiple dashboards)
  • The applications will work on mobile devices – iPads, iPhones and Android

and much much more…