The countdown has begun and there are only few days until the new Responsive Web version of Tricommerce (codename TIGER) is ‘unleashed’ into production.

This is the first delivery in a series of 6 deliveries, which changes the way Tricommerce functions. We expect to launch new versions of the following areas over the next 14 months.

  • Login, Navigation, Dashboard & UI design.
  • Procurement
  • Reports
  • Contract and agreement control
  • Administration
  • New supplier portal


We are really looking forward to showing the world what we have been working on. This is a major release for us, which has been subject to many hours of testing, design, specification, UI/UX-work, development, more testing, more design and maturation.

The first release of TIGER will among others include:

  • Redesign and implementation of login, “remember me” and forgot password
  • Super fast switch of application, user and organisation
  • New security model and user management
  • Brand new navigation with division into modules and activity menus
  • New application model, where we split Tricommerce in a number of application areas targeting use case scenarios
  • New service approach where each application has its own release cycle and can be upgraded individually
  • New dashboard model where the user can configure their own dashboards and widgets (yes, you can have multiple dashboards)
  • The applications will work on mobile devices – iPads, iPhones and Android

and much much more…