[intro]As the first open prison in Denmark the State Prison at Søbysøgård gives clients the opportunity to order groceries electronically via the Tricom e-commerce solution[/intro]

“The cashless prison” is already a reality in the State Prison at Ringe and the State Prison at Søbysøgård has followed with the introduction of electronic procurement. Søbysøgård is an open prison, but will from year-end 2015 also have a closed department. As in Ringe there is great value in using electronic procurement to ensure quick and efficient delivery of purchase orders for relevant convenience stores.

The e-commerce solution delivered by Tricom for the Danish prisons is a closed system where clients log on to the system (using finger scan) and order their day-to-day groceries. The money is automatically deducted from the client’s account and the goods are supplied and delivered to the prison by selected suppliers, who can not see to whom the individual purchase order is for. It is a closed system between the State Prison and the supplier and the payment is done electronically and automatically. The clients should therefor no longer physically go to a store or carry around cash.

Welcome to the State Prison at Søbysøgård!

About Søbysøgård
In 1933 the manor Søbysøgård inaugurated as youth prison, and erected three occupancy buildings in the area. In 2003 they built a half-open department. This was in February 2014 changed to an open department and is today used for training and education. Since 1973 the prison at Søbysøgård has been used as an open prison with considerable emphasis on education. The prison has capacity for 134 clients who all live at joint sections.
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