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Tricommerce is built with Microsoft Silverlight technology and is currently supported by Internet Explorer (version 10 and 11).

Yes, this is done in the function “Change catalog” by clicking the “Action” menu.
Select “Load Excel”. Afterward, select “Import data” to send the catalog to our catalog-importer.

On the tab “Header” in the catalog, you can set the catalog to “FALSE” in column H, “Active”.
Remember to import the catalog afterward by clicking the “Action” menu and then choose “Import”.

If you want to delete a product, set the item to “FALSE” in the column “Active” on the tap “Lines”.
If you want to change the price or description, you just do so in the tab Lines or Products.
Remember to select Action and import the catalog subsequent to save the changes. Updates for the same item numbers will be changed across catalogs.
If you do not change the price or number of units, it does not require approval from your customer.

It is possible to create relations between different product lines in your catalog on the “Line Relation Information”.

Line 1” – add the product which is going to have a related product shown.
Line 2” – add the product which is going to be the related product to “line 1”
Relations type” – add one of the categories below.
Quantity” – add the amount of units you want to suggest the buyer should add to his/her basket when this product is selected.
Description” – can be used for internal notes (seen only by the supplier).

Relations type:

Allows the user to see products which are related to the product they are looking at (e.g. showing soaps, hand rubbing alcohol etc. to suit a particular dispenser)
Example of related items:

Part of:
Ensures that a product can only be bought, if purchased with another item (e.g. a Dining table top cannot be purchased without the customer also buying four table legs).
A customer cannot change or delete the amount of units of ‘part-of’ item. The amount of “part-of” items is locked to amount listed in the catalog.

Same function as “Part of”. Unlike “Part of” the amount of units required in the catalog are only indicative. This means, that the user can add more than the supplier recommends. However, the cannot go below the amount listed in the catalog.

On the tab “Line Price Specification” you are able to set intervals. You must set the range from 1 – * (infinity). Below is shown how it is setup for item-no A003:

The price is defined from 1-9, 10-99 and 100 to * (infinity) pieces.
If you wish to use multibuy discount you must remember to remove the price from the last column on the tab “Lines”, otherwise you will get a validation error (LinePriceSpecification – The catalougeline must not have a price set on the lines sheet.)

This is done in the “Product Images” tab where you can specify the item-no. and URL to the image or by using the Image Editor, which can be found under “Agreements”. Link to further information can be found here.

If you get a popup with the message that the catalog is sent to import, it means that the catalog is queued at our catalog-importer.
Depending on the queue at the time it may take everything from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Afterwards, you will see the changes if you open the catalog in “Change catalog”. You will also receive an email when the catalog is ready for approval at your customer.

Either your customer can change the email address at which orders are sent to or you can contact our support at support@tricom.dk

Yes, by sending an email to support@tricom.dk with the name and email address of the new user or the user to be closed. We’ll do it from here.

Tricom offers several options regarding catalog upload – among other autoloading with FTP in XML format.
See Add-ons for more information.

Tricom offers several options regarding order receiving – among other you are able to receive orders in OIOUBL format with FTP or NemHandel.
See Add-ons for more information.