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For new suppliers on the Tricommerce solution a support subscription can hold great value. The subscription includes training – either through phone or web seminar, access to FTP for image upload and access to support regarding catalogues and various questions to the solutions through our Support-phone and support email.

We also offer handling catalogues for our suppliers – instead of having to upload the catalogues yourself, you can forward a price list and pictures and we will upload it to the selected customers on the Tricommerce solution.

If you would like to subscribe to a full-service solution we offer this as well – if you would like us to add and remove products, update prices continuously, this is the solution for you. This way you only have to worry about sending us the correct information and your customers will always have access to the newest products.

Manual upload of images is free in the solution, but if you have a larger catalogue and no access to a FTP service, this will give you access to upload up to 2 GB of images and the ability to link them easily directly from the catalogue.

We support FTP import of catalogues through FTP both pulling from a folder on a supplier FTP server or delivery on our FTP server.

We also provide the service to deliver orders directly to a folder on either our FTP or the FTP of a supplier in XML (OIOUBL format). This enables a lot of possibilities for optimization and eliminates manual errors.

We support Punch-out through SAP OCI or cXML. The price is 299 DKK monthly and includes testing and setup in Tricommerce. If the webshop does not already support Punch-out and there is a need for assistance with setting this up, we may be able to supply an Integration Specialist at the hourly rate of 1000 DKK excl. VAT – this option need to be agreed on specifically and may not be available with short notice.